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For self employed contractors wishing to work through their own Limited Company, BSL Accountancy Services can provide all the support you need. Allowing you to get on with your job.

Simply enter your details below to see how much you could earn as a Limited Company.

This calculation shows weekly pay, minus: BSLAS admin fee and your relevant tax contributions.

* Please note this calculation is an estimate only. For a more accurate calculation contact us on 0161 927 7489 or email

You may already have a Limited Company, but find the administration a burden. Or, you could be considering going Limited Company, but are put off by the work and responsibility involved.

Be your own boss, but without the hassle
As specialist IT contractor accountants BSL Accountancy Services, ensure you get the simplicity of an Umbrella Service, with the control and kudos of your own Limited Company.

What do BSL Accountancy Services do, so you don’t have to?

  • Set up your Limited Company and provide an ongoing Company secretarial service
  • Invoice your clients on receipt of timesheet
  • Weekly profit monitoring and tax liability spreadsheet
  • Reliable payroll and PAYE service
  • Full book keeping service
  • VAT registration and filing returns using the Flat Rate VAT scheme
  • Year end accounts, corporate and personal tax returns

Specialist IT Contractor Accountants

It is a service tailored to you, by chartered accountancy professionals with over 8 years experience in the contracting industry. Plus, we’re a small team who know each of our contractors, so you are not treated as just a number.

contractor accountants manchester

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